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New Laws That Permit Governments To
Seize YOUR Savings During A Crisis

Dear Investor,

Behind the veneer of "all is well" being promoted by world Governments and the Mainstream Media, the political elite have begun implementing legislation that will permit them to freeze accounts and use YOUR savings to prop up insolvent banks.

There are currently plans in place in Canada, New Zealand, Spain, the UK... and the
United States of America.

These plans would allow the Government to:
  1.     Seize ANY bank it deems systemically important.
  2.     Freeze banks accounts at that bank.
  3.     Write your savings down to bail out the bank (meaning POOF, your money is gone!!!).
I've recently put together a Special Investment Report titled The Great Global Wealth Grab detailing these plans in full.

In its 16 pages, I outline exactly how the FDIC's proposed legislation works as well as the 25 banks I think are most at risk based on the FDIC's plan.

A copy of this report sells for $49.99, but you can pick up a copy for FREE below...

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