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Because of its bi-weekly publishing schedule as well as the number of investments Graham covers, we realize it's difficult to keep track of which investment actions are recommended in which issues. Because of this, each issue of Private Wealth Advisory is accompanied by the investment actions mentioned in its pages. In this manner, we hope to make the archives easy to navigate while saving you time in accessing the actionable items from each issue.

Be advised that none of the contents on this page should be construed as personal investment recommendations. Subscribers are advised to always perform their own due diligence when considering an investment opportunity. Further more, you should be advised that should you choose to enter a position that is already up significantly, you could potentially close the trade at a loss despite the Private Wealth Advisory portfolio recording a gain should the position drop and we issue a "sell." Again, we do our best to insure that you receive the best research and service possible. But ultimately your decisions and your trades are in your hands.

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Issue Title Date Action to Take
The Inflation Trade Re-born 5/6/09 Buy RJA, GLD, GDX, and TBT
Monkey See, Monkey Do 5/13/09 NONE
History Rhymes, It Does Not Repeat 5/20/09 NONE
The Inflation Trade Heats Up 5/27/09 Buy BDD
Position Update 6/3/09 SELL GDX
The End of the Beginning 6/3/09 Buy SKF
Time to Pull the Trigger 6/10/09 Buy TWM
Position Update 6/12/09 SELL TBT & BDD
Calling the Government's Bluff 6/17/09 BUY DXDBX
Portfolio Update 6/19/09 HOLD on to SKF and TWM
Portfolio Update 6/22/09 SELL TWM
All That Rises, Isn't Inflation 6/24/09 SELL SHORT TRF and Sell RJA
The New America 7/1/09 No New Trades
Cashing In at Heartbreak Hotel 7/8/09 SHORT HST, SELL GLD, SKF, & COVER TRF
The Most Fraudulent Time of the Year 7/15/09 No New Trades
Portfolio Update 7/22/09 Buy SKF
Crooks, Computers, and China 7/22/09 No New Trades
Portfolio Update 7/28/09 Re-assessment of HST
China Calls the US's Bluff 7/29/09 Buy SCO and SMN
Changing Tactics 8/5/09 Sell (DXDBX, SKF, SMN, SCO), Cover (HST), Buy (GLD & GDX)
The Correction Has Begun 8/11/09 Buy QID & FXP
And Down We Go 8/19/09 SHORT TRF & XHB
The $24 Trillion Discount 8/26/09 No New Trades
The Next Wave of the Crisis 9/2/09 Short KBE, Buy QID, Buy SRS
Here's the Rally, What's Next? 9/9/09 No New Trades
Signs of a Top 9/16/09 Buy XLU and DBA (small positions),
Sell GLD and GDX
An End to Life Support? 9/23/09 No New Trades
The Last Hope 9/30/09 Two "On Deck" Trades to monitor
The New Rules of the Game 10/7/09 Buy GLD, GDX
The Coming Dollar Crisis 10/14/09 Sell FXP, QID, Cover KBE Short, and Buy SPY
The Math Does Not Lie 10/21/09 More On Deck Trades
First the Test, Then the REAL Action 10/28/09 Sell GLD and GDX, Two More On Deck Trades Added
SPECIAL UPDATE: the Crash 11/1/09 Sell all Longs, Buy TWM, QID, SSG and Short KBE
REAL Wealth vs. Dollar Debasement 11/4/09 One More On Deck Trade Added
The Final Push 11/11/09 SHORT SKS
Bailout Ben Takes Us Back to 2007 11/18/09 No New Trades
The Crash IS Coming 12/2/09 No New Trades
The Flight to Safety Begins 12/9/09 Buy SKF, Sell KBE, Another On Deck trade Added
The Debt Spiral 12/16/09 No New Trades
A Major Change Has Hit 12/23/09 Buy UUP & FXP

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